Website TLC!!!

Hi there!  Are we excited to announce our website will be undergoing a little TLC over the next couple of months.  There will be no disruption to the website, but things may move around a little.  We appreciate your understanding while we implement these changes.  Come the end, we should have an awesome, updated website that is more user friendly for all those that visit.  We would totally appreciate your input on our upgrade so please feel free to flick us a message through our 'Contact Us' page with any suggestions you may have.  Thanks in Advance!  

Pleaser Shoes, Bad Kitty, RARR Design, Grip Aids, Pole, Aerial, Pilates and Yoga Wear - You name it, Pole Gear NZ has it! Shipping to NZ and Australia!

Pole Gear NZ is your one stop shop for all the best names in aerial and stretch fitness wear. We stock pole, pilates, yoga and aerial clothing, shoes and accessories. We are proud to be the exclusive NZ retailer for RARR Designs and an authorised retailer of top quality brands such as Bad Kitty, Pleaser Shoes, Mighty Grip, Dry Hands, Dew Point, Cleo the Hurricane, Dragonfly, Pole Candy, Mika Yoga, SHASHI pilates socks and iTac2.