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From a small garage in Los Angeles, the original five-toe grip socks were created to help people during barefoot fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, barre and dance. Why five toes? There's nothing more beautiful than natural movements that make us stronger. Legs that leap, arms that swing, backs that bend. So why not toes that wiggle and spread? It's the way nature designed them to move. A five toe sock design helps spread your 5 toes - reinforcing what yogis have known for years - that spreading your toes creates a broader foundation on which to balance.

To this day, the intention is to create and innovate products that enhance and support natural movement regardless of the activity. Whether holding plank a little longer, staying grounded in Relevé, settling deeper into Warrior II, or running for miles blister free, you're covered.

ToeSox patented grip socks ensures a non slip experience during all your barefoot activities Made from organic cotton
Five toes allows toes to move and spread naturally, without constricting toes together
Heel tab to protect archilles as well as an arch band for added support

Size (Women's):
Small 6 - 8
Medium 8.5 - 10.5
Large 11 - 13

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