Dirty Girl Poletice


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The perfect solution for a problem that afflicts many women - "sweaty palms". Dirty Girl Poletice.

100% natural Dirty Girl Poletice is an organic covering for the hands that smells better than vinegar, apply only once before you leave home and it lasts for hours. No more antiperspirants that dry and crack the skin and need constant re-applying.

Mask to stop and and body sweat
100% naturally organic
Nothing artificial
Zero Preservatives
1.5oz (44 mls)

If you are tired of all these different solutions and all the other "miracles" on the market, Dirty Girl Poletice is for you.

Directions for use:
Wash skin with non moisturising soap, leave slightly wet.  Scoop approx 5c/10c piece amount into hand and rub until a mud forms coating skin completely.  Stop rubbing and slow to dry (approx 3-8 minutes) until fully white.  Wash off with water only and continue with your day.

Learn more on the website www.poletice.com

Naturall Organic Silica
Magnesium Sulphate
Small amounts of natural occurring Trace Minerals

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