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One of PoleFit's first sports bra designs. This top offers great support and coverage with a sexy spider look in the back that comes together with a ring on the center of the back. The itsy bitsy spider climbed to the very top of the pole, and when she got to the top she spun the most beautiful web that has ever been spun. Bad Kitty took that web and made it into the lovely design on the back of the spider back top.

Be careful! because just like itsy bitsy spider, the Spiderback top is itsy bitsy and run a bit smaller than the other tops.


Bad Kitty® is the first company to study the movement, motions, and physical requirements of pole dancers. Pole dancers have varying body shapes, muscle tone & development. This requires a specific design, styling and functionality in pole clothing. This functionality is based on:

Fabric Wicking - Fabric that partially wicks perspiration away from the skin to avoid rashes and chaffing while also preventing it from rising to the surface of the fabric resulting in minimal impact on grip.

Design - Pole apparel requires design that allows for the most amount of exposed skin while also keeping "everything" in place. It needs to assure certain areas of skin have exposure such as the under arms, tops of shoulders & thighs. PoleFit® meets these design requirements.

Performance - The apparel needs to hold during inversions, extreme stretching and flexibility and high torque sideways revolutions (spins). Most female athletic wear is not designed to perform under these extreme conditions. PoleFit® is designed to stay put and stay strong even in the most extreme pole poses.

Trouble areas - Most existing athletic wear that allows for skin exposure has very narrow inseams and is not suitable for full split or contortion positions. "Muffin-Top" waistlines, "Sausage Leg" hems and numerous other "elastic" or seam placement concerns were a main focus of complaint amongst pole dancers. Very few PoleFit® items use elastic but rather the fabric itself has a high level of stretch and bounces back naturally.

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