Meet Pole Gear NZ's New Owner!

I have been meaning to say "Hi" for weeks, but every time I went to do it I couldn't think what to write. Not being one to write about myself I got stuck at "Hi, my name is Megan and I am the new owner of Pole Gear NZ".....boring, right? I then decided the best way to introduce me is to just tell you about me. So.....I started pole about 3 years ago, more out of curiosity than anything. I was in my 30's and exercise was never my main focus but I was intrigued about what working out on a pole could do for my fitness. I had no background in dance or gymnastics, and besides a bit of walking my fitness level was zero but I thought 'what the hell, what do I have to loose'. I walked into my first pole lesson to see a beautiful girl in her early 20's executing a perfect Superman on the pole, my first thought was 'stuff this (in not so PC language) I am out of here'! Had it not been for the instructor seeing me and coming to welcome me to the class, and me thinking 'crap, can't leave now' that would have been the end of my pole journey and what a tragedy that would have been! Staying for that class was one of the best decisions of my life. Despite it being extremely hard, I was instantly hooked and pole has been a passion of mine ever since. This passion as seen my pole journey grow from one class a week, to a pole at home, to teaching to now being the proud owner of Pole Gear NZ.
The decision to purchase Pole Gear NZ was a no brainer. It is no secret that pole and all things related become an addiction, you are hooked from the moment you nail your first spin. So when the opportunity presented itself to own a business that not only provides awesome pole gear but also be involved in supporting and promoting the pole industry I was in. Kirsty has created an awesome business and am so excited to be able to take that next step in an industry that I am so passionate about. I have met and will continue to meet some amazing and inspirational people that all share the same passion. I am constantly blown away by where pole can take you and what people can do on a 4m high 45mm wide piece of metal. The future is looking great and I am so excited to watch Pole Gear NZ and the pole industry grow. I am looking forward to you all taking this journey with me because after all, pole = family!
Megs xxx


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