Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction

Pole Gear NZ has been such an amazing journey.

Just thought I would take some time on this cold grey day to appreciate the roller coaster ride that Pole Gear NZ has been. I started this to help out my pole family and the NZ pole community and you all have helped it grow into something wonderful. I now stock so many great brands and have so many wonderful customers. I love that I am able to support some amazing Pole events and plan to continue to do this in any way I can

I have recently had to have a break from pole, both training and teaching due to having a hysterectomy. This has been hard in more ways than one but was the best decision for me in order to live a happy and pain free life. Thankfully I already have 2 beautiful boys and couldn't be more grateful for them.

I am now back at pole and will return to teaching very soon. I am back at Jazz and contemporary class and have some very exciting things happening in the near future. It is hard to get back into training after a 5 week break but it is also great to go back to basics and work on building strength.

I plan to video document my progress on Instagram as I have so many new pairs of shoes just waiting to be worn. As far as I am concerned having a job where I can shop for shoes all day is just too much fun.

So keep coming to me with your orders, product requests and anything else you think I may be able to help you with.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

xxx Kirsty